Neon Pasta

Tips for Making Neon Pasta.. or Why You Should Make Neon Pasta

Neon Pasta I first posted these photos in 2012 as a fun tribute to the opening of Disney’s the Lorax. This answers the question of why I originally wanted to make neon pasta. Yes, the broccoli was meant to represent the trees from the movie and the blue alfredo sauce- the river.  But after my neon
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Shamrock Eggs Recipe

St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Idea “Shamrock Eggs”

Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Bring Green (not food coloring) To Your St. Patty’s Day Breakfast Table.  My family never gets tired of this St. Patty’s Day breakfast.  In the past we’ve had green pancakes with green milk (yay food coloring) and have even stopped by Dunkin Donuts for some green donuts (yay sugar).  I’ve
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Lemon Basil Chicken Bake recipe

Lemon Basil Chicken Bake

PrintLemon Basil Chicken Bake Ingredientspenne pasta- 1 lb cooked chicken, chopped (perfect with leftover chicken from Lemon-Braised Chicken 1 lemon fresh basil- 2 cups, chopped Asiago cheese- 16 oz. (2 cups), shredded (or a blend of Asiago and Parmigiano-Reggiano) Parmesan cheese- 8 oz. (1 cup), shredded or grated STAPLES milk- 1 cup butter- 2 tablespoons
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Beet Cucumber Radish Salad

The Perfect Summer Salad in Reds & Greens PrintCucumber Beet Radish Salad Ingredients1 cucumber, peeled 1 bundle of radishes, trimmed 3 beets, trimmed and peeled red leaf lettuce- 1 bundle, washed and chopped For the salad dressing: Steakhouse Vinaigrette Recipe Instructionsplace chopped lettuce into salad bowl slice cucumber into 1/2-inch slices stack cucumber slices into
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Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe Skip The Frosting Marshmallow

Skip the Frosting Cupcake: A Two-Year Anniversary Celebration

Happy Anniversary, Sweety! I can’t believe it’s been two years since I wondered what would happen if I stuck a large marshmallow on top of my cupcakes while baking instead of frosting them.  The result- my famous “Skip The Frosting” Cupcakes. With over a half million pins on Pinterest, I’m celebrating my “little cupcake that
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"…the family LOVED the complimentary meal plan…. it was a hit and we had a more peaceful/structured dinner hour all week long!!!!” -Carrie
I am in heaven with these meals! They are so easy to adapt for my family, for example, Eric likes angel hair pasta and pork instead of beef. I also have lots of veggies in my freezer I have found ways to add to the dishes! and even freeze some leftovers for later! My favorite is week plan 3, and I just got 4 and I can’t wait!!!! I will not be changing a thing on it! It is so much fun to have someone “spell” out what to make, and I can feel like I am making great things without all the thought!” -Jennie
"I love The Organized Cook Menu…simple and easy to family loves all the recipes and I am excited to cook all the wonderful new meals.. -Vanessa

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