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Why Work With The Organized Cook?

The Organized Cook enjoys working with brands on focused, digital marketing campaigns to provide product review, social media channel takeovers and real testimonials from real moms through our network of Organized Cook Brand Ambassadors

Here are some more reasons:

  • Women make more than 80 percent of all household purchasing decisions and control two-thirds of the nation’s disposable income
  • More women are looking to blogs and social media for purchases decisions 
  • Moms may have the greatest buying power; we love to share the latest trends, tips, products and services.

As a brand, The Organized Cook works with a panel of hundreds of real mom brand advocates with a collective average outreach of:

  • 250,000 Facebook Fans with an estimated 180,000 impressions
  • 400,000 Twitter followers with an estimated 180,000 impressions
  • 100,000 rss feed subscribers
  • 770,000 unique website visitors per month


  • With 5 advocates, the first #mealplanning Twitter party garnered over 4.9 million impressions, with a reach of 137,000 followers and 1,500 tweets during one hourtwitter party.

The Organized Cook has been featured on page one of Pinterest Favorites receiving over 300,000 pins on one recipe and 100,000 pins on another.  We host “Pin It To Win It Contests” and have over 1,300 followers with 55 board and 1,500 pins.

The Lorax Pinterest Party and Idea Linky


The Organized Cook offers written & video testimonials, customized recipe design and Weekly Meal Plan design, food photography, video & live cooking demonstrations and social media campaigns.  Toni also offers select product reviews and giveaways.

Toni Spilsbury, The Organized Cook has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX news in Sacramento, Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas for live in-studio cooking demonstrations and is a regular recurring guest on the topic of meal planning for busy families.

For more information about working with Toni Spilsbury, The Organized Cook, contact Natalia Daniels at for a customized sponsorship package.


*updated monthly

  • Unique Page Views Per Month:  85,000
  • Visitors Per Month:  35,000-65,000
  • Unique Visitors Per Month:  55,000-58,000
  • RSS Subscribers:  2,500
  • Alexa Rating:  158,084
  • Twitter Followers:  5,250 @OrganizedCook, @ToniSpilsbury
  • Facebook Fans: 3,250
  • Pinterest Followers: 1,300


We offer competitive monthly rates on 125×125 banner ads which appear on the main page of our website and link back to your website.  All ads are subject to review and approval.

One-month, six-month and annual rates available.

Product Review

We love products that help today’s busy families save time, money and help make family dinners easy through organization.  Whenever we can incorporate a product review into my Weekly Meal Plan System, we will.  We understand the unique demands of today’s on-the-go moms and find joy in connecting with them and sharing tips, information and products.

Weekly Meal Plan Sponsorship

Each week, subscribers to The Organized Cook Weekly Meal Plan System receive a new menu with grocery shopping list, recipes and easy-to-follow instructions to create a week of healthy, delicious dinners for their family.  Sponsorship of a Weekly Meal Plan includes use of your product in one or more recipes, inclusion in the grocery shopping list and any product coupons.


Video cooking demonstration of your recipe is also available.  The Organized Cook (TOC) cooking shows are professionally produced with the most advanced camera, sound and post-production editing equipment.


Twitter Party

Thursdays just got more organized.  Each Thursday night The Organized Cook’s #mealplanning Twitter parties are powered by real mom brand advocates to engage followers in discussion on topics relating to family life, dinner and organization.

With 5 advocates, the first #mealplanning Twitter party garnered over 4.9 million impressions, with a reach of 137,000 followers and 1,500 tweets during one hour.  With 12 advocates, the estimated reach is nearly 300,000 Twitter followers garnering nearly 10 million impressions and 4,500 tweets.




Product Reviews, Weekly Meal Plan Sponsorships, Testimonials, Videos and Twitter Sponsorships are all posted on Facebook pages of The Organized Cook and real mom advocates.  Daily and Weekly Giveaways or Sweepstakes generate thousands of new Facebook fans and are powered through Rafflecopter and North Social.


Giveaways and Sweepstakes

By sponsoring a Giveaway or Sweepstakes with The Organized Cook, your product or service has the potential to be reached by millions of potential customers and gain new Twitter and Facebook followers.  Through Rafflecopter and North Social, we’re able to gain more social media influence and following.

Stonyfield giveaway


Event Sponsorship or Brand Ambassadorship

Have your brand reach hundreds or thousands of female bloggers during one of these exciting conferences.


Blogher Sponsorship 2012

The Organized Cook is hitting the Big Apple this coming August, 2012 for “BlogHer 2012”.  Toni Spilsbury and her “Organized Cooks” are planning to take this 3-day powerhouse conference in New York City by storm.

The Organized Cook has sponsorship and ambassadorship openings for brands such as food products, cookware, organizational aides and kitchenware.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Noelle Rodriguez at

Toni Spilsbury will also be attending BlogHer Food 2012 Conference in Seattle Washington with sponsorship and brand ambassadorship opportunities available.

 EVO 2012

Toni Spilsbury and her Team will be attending EVO Conference 2012 in Park City where we’ll be mingling with bloggers, businesses and social media junkies of all levels.  Let us represent your product or brand- contact Noelle Rodriguez and for more information.


For more information about working with Toni Spilsbury, The Organized Cook, contact Noelle Rogriguez at for a customized sponsorship package.

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