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Snack Organizing

Home Reorganizing

I’m tackling organizing projects in my home one at a time in my Reorganizing 2012 Campaign.  So why was organizing my snacks near the top of my list?

There are many reasons.

First, it’s the beginning step to reorganizing my pantry.  By removing all of my snack items and storing them in easy-to-reach containers, I’m creating more breathing space to organize pantry items.

And, the most motivating reason for me is to save time.  How can organizing my snacks save time, you wonder?  It’s simple.  With all our family activities: dance, gymnastics, day-trips and vacations, my kids can pack snacks on their own by making it easy for them to choose from.  It’s like having our own home snack store… the Spilsbury Snack Shop!

Organize Snacks Step-By-Step

Step 1:  Remove all snack items from the pantry

The first step in reorganizing any space is to start with a clean slate and see what you need to work with.  By removing all of the snacks from my pantry and seeing them in one place, it was easy for me to decide how I was going to categorize and store them and what size containers I would need.

Snack Organizing

remove all snacks from the pantry

Step 2:  Find Your Tools

Find the perfect containers to fit your style, your space… and your snacks.  I decided on glass mason jars- 4 large and 4 medium to fit my long countertop.

home organizing snacks

Glass Mason Jars- on sale here for $22


Because I love to label everything, I decided to use chalkboard paint on my jars.  Here is a quick tutorial for creating your own Chalkboard Paint Mason Jars:

DIY Chalkboard Paint jars

Tutorial DIY Chalkboard Paint Jars

Step 3:  Cold Storage

I found both of these bins at Target to store cold snacks in the refrigerator.  Using insulated bags, the kids know where to go to choose snacks to pack.

cold snacks for on-the-go


snack organizing

this snack tote came from the $1 bin at Target


The Economics of Organizing

Staying organized saves time and money.  Period.

By keeping snacks “at-a-glance”, I won’t overbuy at the grocery store because of not knowing how many cookies or fruit snacks we have at home.

While we’re out running around all day, here is a breakdown of what on-the-go snacking costs if you eat out or tote your snacks:


 Notice the difference in snack nutrition?  I also estimate that we save about $650 a year by having the kids pack their snacks.  How’s that for some “food for thought”.


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