A Bit of Earth

Now who could have imagined that pulling weeds and old vines could be so much fun.

It almost feels like some type of cleansing ritual- getting rid of the old to make way for Spring.

Spring, indeed, is almost here and we are prepared.  As we dig, pull, haul and hoe we talk about all the things we want to plant in our garden this year, which made me think about naming our garden.

The Hope Garden.  No.  That doesn’t sound at all confident enough.  We’ve put too much work and expectation into it this year.

The Victory Garden.  Well, that’s going a bit far.  To be honest, I don’t know a thing about real gardening.

Oh well, the right name will come, and so will the victory… of the fruits… of our hope.  The Hope Victory Garden?  To be continued.


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