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Ratatouille Pan-Simmered Steak

Taking “back” the family dinner while saving time was my mission when I wrote The Organized Cook, with organization as the tool to help accomplish this.

I wrote awhile back about Julia Childs and how she brought fabulous French cooking to the mid-century housewife; and how I aim to bring organization into the kitchen of the modern-day busy mom.  Julia’s recipes are delicious and gourmet, but that type of cooking isn’t always practical for today’s on-the-go woman.

I love ratatouille and wanted to incorporate it into my book, but as a side dish it was way too time consuming.  I figured if I could combine this tasty dish with a main dish, it may fit into my time-saving method.  This was my inspiration for creating my Ratatouille Pan-Simmered Steak available in The Organized Cook Weekly Meal Plan.  Voila!- quick and gourmet.

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A Lovely Day

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Leftover Lunch

Fridays my friend and producer, Noelle and I work all day on filming, editing, concept, etc.  Typically I always have something quick planned to whip up for brunch, lunch or for whenever we get hungry.  I like to do something creative like a frittata or my twist on a BLT- prosciutto, pears and spring lettuce.

Yesterday, however- nothing.  I had nothing.  I hadn’t even gone grocery shopping for the week.  So, when I saw she might be getting hungry and we still had so much work ahead of us, I leaped into action.

I had no ideas, so I just looked in the refrigerator- a half bag of baby spinach.  Less than half of a roasted chicken.  What could I do with this?  Then it came to me.

I boiled some farfalle pasta, sauteed the spinach and shredded chicken and even found some bell pepper to throw in.  It looked like it needed something red but I didn’t have any red bell pepper; but I did find a half empty bag of sundried tomatoes.  After throwing some alfredo pasta sauce on it and a little Parmesan, voila!  Leftover lunch- and it tasted anything but.

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Manic Monday Giveaway from The Organized Cook

Easter is approaching.  So what better giveaway than something to use for the upcoming holiday?  These adorable handmade Easter cones from Flair Designery are this week’s Manic Monday from The Organized Cook.

It’s easy to enter- simply visit and “like” Flair Designery Facebook Page, then visit and “like” The Organized Cook Facebook page leaving a comment about Flair Designery so we know you entered.  The winner will be announced this Friday.


I first found and fell in love with Flair Designery when they posted these printables for a Fabulous Food party.


Fabulous Food from Flair Designery

Fabulous Food from Flair Designery



Good luck!

So, what’s on your dinner menu this week?  Let The Organized Cook do the planning and organization for you.

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