Ratatouille Pan-Simmered Steak

Taking “back” the family dinner while saving time was my mission when I wrote The Organized Cook, with organization as the tool to help accomplish this.

I wrote awhile back about Julia Childs and how she brought fabulous French cooking to the mid-century housewife; and how I aim to bring organization into the kitchen of the modern-day busy mom.  Julia’s recipes are delicious and gourmet, but that type of cooking isn’t always practical for today’s on-the-go woman.

I love ratatouille and wanted to incorporate it into my book, but as a side dish it was way too time consuming.  I figured if I could combine this tasty dish with a main dish, it may fit into my time-saving method.  This was my inspiration for creating my Ratatouille Pan-Simmered Steak available in The Organized Cook Weekly Meal Plan.  Voila!- quick and gourmet.

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