Throwing Routine To The Wind

I never knew how much my husband plays a part in keeping daily routines on track until he’s gone.  He is so Type-A personality that any deviation from our evening schedule sends his head twirling.  So, with OCD-husband and son gone on a trip to Arizona for two days, the girls and I are left to fend for ourselves.  I decided to throw routine to the wind and take this day to explore a bit on what it would be like to just let the day guide us.

It started early in the day with so many things for me to do that I didn’t know where to begin. Household chores, errands, planning; it was one of those times that, even though I had enough work to keep me busy all day, I just couldn’t seem to focus to accomplish one thing.

So, I did the logical thing.  I packed up my girls and we headed off for an afternoon at Town Square, to play in the park, shop and have lunch.  It’s amazing at how much that type of logic works!  The weather was so beautiful and the surroundings so upbeat and fun, by the time we returned home a couple hours later, I was so rejuvenated and focused, I got everything done that I needed to do in about an hour.  Not to mention that I scored a couple of bras from Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale for next to nothing (now, I never would have made that sale if I had planned to.)

With only one thing left to do, I sat down at my computer to work for about an hour.  This is not too long to leave my girls on autopilot in the house, still in earshot.  As I sat working, never in a thousand years could I conceive of the destruction that was taking place not more than 20 feet from me.  Yes, I expected to do a little picking up, perhaps some wiping up when I was finished.  But, have you ever seen one of those movies, where the house is overly trashed by the kids in order to get across some comedic point?  Well, that was my house.  I’m talking, glitter in every shade, scraps of who-knows-what, wrappers, tiaras, food, uncapped markers and kid makeup….everywhere.  If I was watching this on the big screen I would be laughing.  But, it wasn’t a movie, it was my house.

After baths and damage control on our home the best I could, we girls decided to have a “camp out” (not my idea, of course).  If my husband were here, this idea would be met with groans and complaints.  But he’s not here, so the girls and I- sleeping bags, popcorn, juice boxes and pajamas are camped out on my living room floor watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

I’ll be happy to have my routine, and husband, back tomorrow night; but for now, I’m enjoying the moment.

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