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Go Retro! Peggy Sue Enchiladas

I have an aunt named Peggy Sue.  Really.

Peggy Sue Enchiladas by The Organized Cook

Peggy Sue Enchiladas by The Organized Cook

One time she made enchiladas for me and it was- ideally- the most American 1960’s way to make enchiladas that I could imagine.  She actually mixes together red and green enchilada sauce.  They were unique; and they were delicious.

I used her simple enchiladas recipe, titled “Peggy Sue Enchiladas” in one of my family-favorite Weekly Meal Plans- on the menu last week for subscribers to The Organized Cook.

If you’re not a subscriber to The Organized Cook, the good news is that this meal plan can be purchased individually now in our Store, with no subscription obligation.  This is a perfect opportunity to sample The Organized Cook and this simple dish straight from Peggy Sue’s kitchen at the same time.

Both Peggy Sue and her enchiladas inspired me to create a new Pinterest board just for them.  I love Pinterest and we love you Peggy Sue!


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