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Leftover Lunch

Fridays my friend and producer, Noelle and I work all day on filming, editing, concept, etc.  Typically I always have something quick planned to whip up for brunch, lunch or for whenever we get hungry.  I like to do something creative like a frittata or my twist on a BLT- prosciutto, pears and spring lettuce.

Yesterday, however- nothing.  I had nothing.  I hadn’t even gone grocery shopping for the week.  So, when I saw she might be getting hungry and we still had so much work ahead of us, I leaped into action.

I had no ideas, so I just looked in the refrigerator- a half bag of baby spinach.  Less than half of a roasted chicken.  What could I do with this?  Then it came to me.

I boiled some farfalle pasta, sauteed the spinach and shredded chicken and even found some bell pepper to throw in.  It looked like it needed something red but I didn’t have any red bell pepper; but I did find a half empty bag of sundried tomatoes.  After throwing some alfredo pasta sauce on it and a little Parmesan, voila!  Leftover lunch- and it tasted anything but.

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