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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas Decorating

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Spilsbury house.  And, as usual, I have a method to keeping things organized  in order to make our season bright.

Christmas Decorating

The Family Christmas Tree

There’s nothing I enjoy more than homemade Christmas ornaments, and I have faithfully kept ours through the years as our collection has grown.  In fact, I still have homemade Christmas ornaments that my husband made when he was five-years old!

Santa Ornament

Mr. Spilsbury made this ornament when he was five-years old!

Keeping Christmas Memories

Each year our little-ones create new ornaments, either at school, home or church and we treasure them dearly.  In our family room I put up a smaller tree- about 4 feet- that I use as our “Family Christmas Tree” where we hang our homemade ornaments.  Each year as we string multi-color lights, the kids are so excited to bring out these special creations one by one, and reminisce of Christmas’ past.

Because this tree is in the same room where we spend most of our time, we can enjoy our homemade ornaments more.  Underneath this tree is where I keep Christmas books like Polar Express and The Night Before Christmas, which I only pull out during the holidays.  And remember all the little stuffed animals that sing Christmas carols that you don’t know where to put?  I keep those here as well and the kids love playing with them, along with a figurine set of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie.

Christmas books image

Christmas books are kept in storage throughout the year until December

handmade Christmas Ornament

This ornament was made with Connor's handprint- priceless!

This smaller tree is where I keep all of our wrapped Christmas presents for guests who will not be with us Christmas Day, so they don’t get mixed up with our presents under the big tree.

And, because we have so many guests during the holidays and I never know when we will have kids over, I wrap about 10-12 extra gifts of pads & pens, mittens, books and other small toys to have on-hand for kids to choose from.

a variety of simple generic gifts are wrapped with no name to have on hand for guests

The FooFoo Tree

By having our Family Christmas Tree in the family room, this allows me to decorate our big Christmas tree in our living room any way I want- I call it my “designer” tree… my oldest daughter calls it my “foo-foo tree”.

(more photos of the FooFoo Tree to come- so stay tuned)

Don’t Forget The Playhouse

The Spilsbury Playhouse is not forgotten in our Christmas decorating.  In fact, “Casa Spilsbury Kids” is home to our annual Candy Cane Hot Chocolate party for the kids!

Cany Cane Hot Chocolate Christmas Party 2010

fireplace made from Costco box tutorial coming!

Candy Cane Hot Cocoa- Christmas Memories In The Making!


I hope your Christmas holiday is off to a great start this year!


I hope your Christmas Holiday is off to a great start!

Sincerely, Toni


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It’s Christmas Time at Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation

The elves are busy planning this year’s festivities for the kids at Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation.  Our “elves” are volunteers from the local community, and along with foundation directors, Lori Moroz-White and Linda Maneen we have many needs when it comes to putting together this important annual event.

Our Annual Holiday Party is a day-long event for children who are blind with planned activities like Snow Play, Christmas Caroling, Games, Descriptive Christmas Movie and… the best part- decorating homemade gingerbread men.  Why is this the best part?  Okay, it could be because I bake them fresh each year and enjoy helping the kids place gumdrop buttons, cinnamon candy eyes and coconut hair on their gingerbread man.

Parents would tell you they look forward to the annual party for different reasons.  The party gives parents a day of respite to do Christmas shopping or whatever else they need or want to do, and this is plenty of reason to rejoice.  Where many parents may take for granted the ease of finding someone to watch their child for a day, parents of children who are blind or handicapped may find it exceptionally more difficult.

Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation creates an exciting and fun-filled day for children who may otherwise not be included in any holiday events.  These children look forward to this event all year long; I know my Connor does.  As a parent of a child who is blind, I can’t describe the feeling when your child has a place and event specially for him.  All year long it’s a struggle to modify activities and events to meet Connor’s needs, and this is one event where I don’t have to worry about that.

NBCF Founder, my Connor Spilsbury, with Director, Lori Moroz-White

Let The Baking Begin

I make my gingerbread from scratch with molasses, ground ginger and all.  Yes, homemade is tastier, but it’s also lending to the sensory experience for these children.  These kids may not be able to see their gingerbread creation, but they’ll never forget that smell of fresh homemade gingerbread.

The first thing I’ll need to do is reorganize my baking cupboard.  Every year about this time I tackle this dreaded task- and believe me- after just one year, my baking cupboard is in desperate need of help.  I’ve found so many inspirational tips and suggestions for organizing a baking cupboard on websites like Pinterest, that I’m actually looking forward to it this year, so stay tuned for my upcoming “before and after” annual transformation.

You Can Help

The next thing we’ll need is to gather our resources in the community.  To create the most memorable holiday party yet, we are still in need of the following:

  1. Lunch donation from a local restaurant of pizza or sandwiches with drinks with the kids and volunteers
  2. Gift bags or stockings filled with items like Play Doh, Slinky’s, candy canes, Dominos, bouncy balls and lip balm (for older kids).
  3. Volunteers to help with activities.

If you would like to donate, please contact Linda Maneen at [email protected] or call 702-735-NBCF (6223); and you can always contact me directly with questions or ideas at [email protected].

Connor entertains the group by dancing along to Christmas carols

playing in pretend snow is a fun sensory experience for the kids

Christmas caroling lyrics in Braille

movies in Descriptive Video (DVR) were donated last year by Bank of America to the kids at NBCF

Thank You Bank of America


Many of you who know me are aware of our mission to build the first school for the blind in Nevada as one of only two states in the U.S. currently with no school for the blind.  In 2006, we opened the doors to Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation with the first-ever library for children who are blind, technology center and resource library for parents.  As a parent of a child who is blind, I can tell you first hand what it’s like to not have a place in the community where you can go to for resources.

Happy Holidays!

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Making A List & Checking It Twice: Christmas Shopping Tips

Christmas Shopping Tips

Every year it’s the same for me- I can’t just run out to the stores come Black Friday and begin swooping up every deal I can get my hands on.  Part of me wishes I could just leap into action like that;  but I just can’t start my Christmas shopping without a plan.

Making A List & Checking It Twice 

I need to know in advance what my budget is for each individual on my Christmas gift list to determine my overall Christmas Shopping Budget.  Predetermining my total budget allows me to make necessary adjustments to individual budgets to keep me on track.  I’m also able to figure out how much of my budget remains for charitable Christmas gift purchases.

This may sound like too much “type-A” behavior for a joyous holiday season.  Au contraire.  Staying organized and keeping my list out of my head and at fingertips is what brings me joy.

I started my Christmas Planning & Organization Guide over a decade ago.  Each year, I begin updating my guide shortly after summer and I keep it handy through the end of the holiday season.  My guide helps plan and budget my Christmas shopping with the following three steps:

Step 1:  Make A List

Christmas Gift List & Budget

I start by making a list of each person in my immediate family for Christmas gift shopping.

I then add a category to this list for extended family on my side, and then on my husband’s side.

The last category on my Christmas shopping list includes friends, teachers, co-workers, mail carrier, hair stylist, and so on.

I then create a column titled Budget.  Next to each name of my Christmas Shopping List, I fill in the amount of money I have budgeted for each individual.

After determining each individual budget, I can then add it all up to determine my overall Christmas Shopping Budget.

Save Some Room On The Bus

I then create a column for Gift Ideas.  This is an important step for me.  First of all, a gift idea that may be in your head today for someone, may not be there tomorrow.  It’s my “bus is full” philosophy.  You see, I believe that when I must commit an idea to memory, I take up too many seats on the bus in my brain.  However, the minute I take that idea from my head to paper (or computer), I’m freeing up space on my bus for more thoughts and ideas.  Whenever I think of a great Christmas gift for someone, I immediately run to my computer or pull out my paper list and jot it down.  I can’t tell you how often this method has saved me from last-minute shopping madness.

Stay On Track

The next column is to keep track of Gifts Purchased.  After I purchase a gift- or gifts- for an individual, I jot it down in this column along with the amount I actually spent.  By doing this, I can first keep track of my progress so I know at a glance when my Christmas shopping is complete.

This also allows me to keep track of my spending to know if I’m staying on budget.  If I go over budget, I can either make adjustments elsewhere; or at the very least, I can take the surprise out of opening my January credit card statement.

Christmas Cards

Next, I update my Christmas Card list.  By taking the time to add people and update addresses, I’m saving myself again from last-minute mayhem.

2.  Schedule It

What?  Only eight more days until Christmas?!”  I don’t like to be surprised mid-December with the realization that I’m running out of time to do things like mail out Christmas cards or finish shopping.  So, if I schedule items on my calendar ahead of time and stick to it, I find more joyeux in my noel, like:

  1. Christmas Photos
  2. Christmas Cards
  3. Charitable Outreach
  4. Teacher Gifts
  5. Christmas Shopping
  6. Gift Wrapping

3.  Keep It Together

I don’t know what your purse looks like around the holidays, but I know that mine can look like a jumbled mess of receipts, sticky notes, sales ads and store coupons.  I’m getting my annual Christmas eye-twitch just thinking about it.

Christmas Shopping Planning Guide

My Annual Christmas Eye Twitch

Which is why I create my envelope system.  I take four envelopes and label them:

  1. “List”
  2. “Receipts”
  3. “Sales Ads”
  4. “Store Coupons”

I keep my envelopes together and use them faithfully.  I’ll never scramble around again looking for that receipt to return the paella pan I bought for my mother before learning she bought the same one for herself.

When describing the sangria jar to a sales clerk, I’ll always have the sales ad handy to refer to.

And who doesn’t love saving 20% at Bed, Bath and Beyond by having that coupon handy?


Download Your Planning Guide

To help you stay on track this Christmas shopping season, I’m sharing my humble planning guide here:

Christmas Planning & Organization Guide in Word (to make modifications)

Christmas Planning & Organization Guide in PDF (to print and write in only)

  It may seem like only “paper and pen”, but I believe the written word holds a lot of power.  And if that power helps take the stress out of my holiday by keeping my shopping, budget and schedule on track, then it might as well be made out of gold to me.

I hope my guide helps you as much as it has helped me.

Have a Joyous, Organized and Eye-Twitch-Free Holiday!








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Making A Plan and Checking It Twice

The holidays are here; my most favorite time of the year.  Peppermint mochas at Starbucks, my favorite pink wool coat, cars and trucks dressed up as reindeer and that Santa razor commercial (where is that commercial this year?)  My kids are in high spirits for the season’s festivities wanting to do all-things Christmas leaving no jingle-bell rock unturned: gingerbread men, Christmas village, reindeer food, visits with Santa; there’s no way I could possibly skimp on anything this year to save time.  So I’ve decided to look at ways to maximize my time while saving money along the way.

The holidays….enjoyed.

Make a plan.  Feeling overwhelmed with still a large “to do” list and not enough time?  If thoughts of things still undone are doing reindeer leaps through your brain and won’t give you a moment’s peace, take time to write down those thoughts.  The written word has a lot of power.  By getting those tasks out of your head and onto paper, your brain is free to relax and focus.  If you need help formatting those thoughts, use my “Making A Plan and Checking It Twice” template.

Renew your holiday spirit.  If your holiday spirit needs some uplifting, try something new.  Something like…. making a fireplace with your kids out of a Coscto apple juice box and some red construction paper (use a portable DVD player with a crackling fire DVD) and throw them a candy cane hot chocolate play date party.

Give yourself the gift of time.  Take away the stress of planning family dinner by letting The Organized Cook do it for you.   No need to worry about what your family is eating tonight and feel uplifted by the money you know you’re saving.  By using The Organized Cook weekly meal plan you can cook dinner for a family of four to five for about $100 a week in groceries; that’s less than you would spend on one dinner night out!  Plus, I’m sure you can find something to fill all that extra time you will have on your hands by using this system.  For a limited time, you can subscribe to The Organized Cook for only $4.99 a month at The Organized Cook Weekly Meal Plan.

I hope your holidays are off to a great start this year!

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