candy cane hot chocolate...aah to be a kid again at Chrismas!

Making A Plan and Checking It Twice

The holidays are here; my most favorite time of the year.  Peppermint mochas at Starbucks, my favorite pink wool coat, cars and trucks dressed up as reindeer and that Santa razor commercial (where is that commercial this year?)  My kids are in high spirits for the season’s festivities wanting to do all-things Christmas leaving no jingle-bell rock unturned: gingerbread men, Christmas village, reindeer food, visits with Santa; there’s no way I could possibly skimp on anything this year to save time.  So I’ve decided to look at ways to maximize my time while saving money along the way.

The holidays….enjoyed.

Make a plan.  Feeling overwhelmed with still a large “to do” list and not enough time?  If thoughts of things still undone are doing reindeer leaps through your brain and won’t give you a moment’s peace, take time to write down those thoughts.  The written word has a lot of power.  By getting those tasks out of your head and onto paper, your brain is free to relax and focus.  If you need help formatting those thoughts, use my “Making A Plan and Checking It Twice” template.

Renew your holiday spirit.  If your holiday spirit needs some uplifting, try something new.  Something like…. making a fireplace with your kids out of a Coscto apple juice box and some red construction paper (use a portable DVD player with a crackling fire DVD) and throw them a candy cane hot chocolate play date party.

Give yourself the gift of time.  Take away the stress of planning family dinner by letting The Organized Cook do it for you.   No need to worry about what your family is eating tonight and feel uplifted by the money you know you’re saving.  By using The Organized Cook weekly meal plan you can cook dinner for a family of four to five for about $100 a week in groceries; that’s less than you would spend on one dinner night out!  Plus, I’m sure you can find something to fill all that extra time you will have on your hands by using this system.  For a limited time, you can subscribe to The Organized Cook for only $4.99 a month at The Organized Cook Weekly Meal Plan.

I hope your holidays are off to a great start this year!

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