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Summer Feel Without The Grill Recipe

The Cheeseburger- Reinvented.

It’s my “summer feel without the grill” recipe.

Actually, my recipe for Burger Blankets comes directly from my mother.  Growing up in Southern California, she loved to make this fun version of the classic American burger.

She pounded out buttermilk biscuits from a canister to use as the blanket and filled them with cheese and onions (optional), so when they baked in the oven, the cheese melted all around the beef and onions.  She also used a fork to engrave the ingredients in each one before they baked.  So, the ones with just cheese had a big “c” on top.

We never had a name for them though.  She would call them “burger biscuits”, but that didn’t really sound like a name-name to me.

So, when I included Mom’s recipe in my Weekly Meal Plan I decided to appropriately name them “Burger Blankets”.  They’re really more like “burger sleeping bags”, but that didn’t flow.  Get Mom’s recipe here:

Meal Planning from The Organized Cook

Burger Blankets Recipe here

Served with a tri-color pasta salad with fresh grape tomatoes, this feels like a perfect summertime family dinner.


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