Photo Of The Week- My Archaeologist

I’ll never forget the day I received my camera.  From my home office I can see the entryway to our house and watched as the FedEx truck pulled up.  To say I was a novice at photography is an understatement; I had never even been interested in this hobby.  But now I figured it was a good idea to begin to do my own food photography.

Until now the most sophisticated camera I owned was a Kodak point-and-click.  I was nervous and a bit intimated when I opened the package and lens, especially when I realized that I didn’t even know how to attach or change the lens.  Thankfully, my oldest daughter had taken some photography classes and was able to run down the (very) basics with me.  That very same day I shot my Sparkling Cranberry Punch, and although the shots came out beautiful, it’s evident that I needed some more practice in setting my shutter speed.

I soon shot this impromptu piece when my youngest daughter, Brooke, decided to go on an archaeological dig in our courtyard looking for fossils and bugs.

I had no idea what lens to use, so I just guessed.

Halfway through this shoot I realized that I would never go back to a point-and-click camera again.  Thank you, Noelle, my friend and producer for doing the research and recommending the Canon T2i.

After a bit of work, Brooke did find her fossil.

And I found a new passion.

I understand technically, this photo has too much light; but creatively, that’s what I like about it.  It gives it a dream-like feeling.  Yes, I’m working on mastering the aperture!

And she found her bugs too (ugh).

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