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Cranberry Ice Ring- Day 4: Toni’s 12 Days of Thanksgiving

Making Delicious Memories This Thanksgiving

It’s Day 4 of Toni’s 12 Days of Thanksgiving and it’s the perfect time to freeze our Cranberry Ice Ring for our Sparkling-Spiced Cranberry Punch.

Toni’s Freeze-Ahead Cranberry Ice Ring for Sparkling-Spiced Cranberry Punch

To make the ring, I use a plastic chip-and-dip server because it has the hole in the middle, like a bundt cake pan.  But you’ll want to make sure your ice ring will fit into your punch bowl.  So, any type of mold will do, like a simple round plastic storage bowl.


  1. Frozen cranberry juice cocktail- 1 canister, thawed (you can also use bottled cranberry juice)
  2. Cranberries, fresh- 1 cup
  3. Water


  1. Pour thawed juice into mold; add water to about an inch below top; mix well
  2. Add cranberries to float on top
  3. Freeze
cranberrypunch41 650x433 Sparkling Spiced Cranberry Punch with Cranberry Ice Ring

Thanksgiving Day

Take ice ring out of freezer right when guest begin to arrive and place in your punch bowl.

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Suggested Punch Bowls

51yeunbFPjL. SL500 AA300  Sparkling Spiced Cranberry Punch with Cranberry Ice Ring

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