40th Birthday Party

40 Is The New 20

40th Birthday Celebration

“I don’t want a party”, I insisted.  My husband isn’t great at keeping surprises a secret.  “I’d rather use that money on something useful… like a jar of Creme de la Mer…. or Botox”, I persist.

It doesn’t help that my birthday falls on January 1st- New Year’s Day.  You can insert assumption here that having a birthday on this holiday is fun, when it’s anything but.  My birthday has always been a nuisance- falling just days after the Christmas craze and interfering with all things holiday.

What’s ironic is that my youngest daughter is also a New Year’s baby.  That’s right, we’re a couple of January 1st Capricorns that proudly share our birthday with the likes of Howard Hughes (I don’t know why I throw that part in, other than to give a great example of just how stubborn we can be).

My thoughtful husband insisted that a party it should be.  After all, I was turning 40.

Oh, that’s right.  Can I just sleep through the holiday?  That would be a gift in itself.

I have to admit that his thoughtfulness and super-sweet intentions make up for his belief of how easy it would be to put together a party on the busiest party night of the year- New Year’s Eve.  And, New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas to boot.  And it also probably didn’t help that I wasn’t as forthcoming as I could have been at giving friend contact information to him as he requested- with wanting to “keep it small” and all… if we had to do it at all.

After a fabulous dinner, we headed over to my “surprise” party and instead of being greeted by all of our friends, here is what I saw.

Did you ever see the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie Bradshaw turns 35 and her friends throw her a birthday party?  But she ends up sitting at her birthday dinner table all alone while one-by-one her friends are held up for one reason or another and can’t make it.

Well, that was about it for me.  My friend, Lisa, sat waiting for us at the party table.  Messages from friends came pouring in.  One had a fight with her husband, the others live on the far side of town and feared traveling far- not because of DUI check-points- but because of drivers under the influence, baby sitters backing out, and so on…. and so on.

40th Birthday Party

After a few photos were shot and posted on Facebook, comments from friends went up like crazy.  That’s right, they were all at home- and on Facebook.  Apparently Facebook has now taken the place of having to actually attend an event when one can now virtually be there.  I’m not judging.  I would be at home in my PJ’s watching movies with my kids on New Year’s Eve if it wasn’t my birthday and my husband was insisting we celebrate.

I wasn’t crushed, but my husband was.  A few more friends showed up.

40th Birthday Party

With a table of cupcakes, champagne and food we quickly made friends with the group next to us, and my dear husband felt immensely better after successfully coordinating a serenade of “Happy Birthday” with our new friends.

I felt even more special for these custom cupcake toppers from my good friend at Bella Grey Designs.

40th Birthday Party

cupcake topper designed by Bella Grey Designs

And as for turning 40?  Well, Oprah once said that 50 is now the new 30.  So, that makes 40 the new 20, right?  Right.

40th Birthday Party

The bottom line is- I had a ton of fun and drank too much champagne.  Happy 20th Birthday to me!  And thank you, my dear, sweet, thoughtful husband, and all of my friends- real and virtual- who celebrated with me.




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