Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

A few years before Connor was born I went to see a psychic doctor.  Say or think what you will about the idea of someone being able to diagnose or treat you through metaphysical means, but the idea of a “psychic doctor” seems all too normal to me.  First of all, this doctor has always been 100% right, not only with me but with friends and relatives too.

Once, my friend Noelle was having stomach problems (tell story)

God gives special gifts to special people.  Some people have been given the gift of a singing talent or beauty, while others have been given extraordinary intelligence.  So why is it so difficult for many to believe that God may have given someone the gift of spiritual healing?

This doctor is a chiropractor by trade and doesn’t advertise or openly talk about the fact he’s using psychic abilities to diagnose you.  I was with him for almost a half hour during our visit while he performed his healing, and near the end after telling me which vitamins I was deficient in and what foods to avoid and so on, and after clearing a “psychic attack” placed upon me by another woman, he said, “you have the clearest broken heart that I’ve ever seen, and I can help a little but can’t totally heal it.”  I didn’t ask much more about the broken heart or how long ago I got it because I already knew.

Just a few weeks before my wedding day with Kevin is when it happened.  I had never felt more perfect heavenly love in all my life.  In fact, before then I always thought that love was something that came and went and was different for each person and knew that there were many types of love.  For the first time, though, I felt “perfect” love.  The reason I describe it as “perfect” is for many reasons.  First, I knew I would always feel this type of love for this person.  I also knew that if the universe ever gave me a chance to spend my life with him, I would never waste a second being angry at him, no matter what he said or did.

When I met him was also the first time my heart was broken.  And once a heart is broke I don’t think it can ever be repaired.

Years later, because of Connor, I  felt this perfect love again- when I held him in my arms for the first time.  In fact, one day when Connor was just a baby I was napping and had a vivid dream that Connor and I were waltzing- although it was, in fact, not a dream.  And as we floated across the floor, a thousand colors of lights floated and danced in the air around us and I felt the most euphoric uplifting happiness that I knew was not achievable in this dimension here on earth.  Then suddenly, the music stopped and Connor began to shrivel up in my arms and turn green.  I turned around to a blender sitting on a counter that appeared behind me and immediately got to work making a tonic or smoothie that I knew would cure him.  In my dream, as in life here, I felt that I had all the power through my tenacity, confidence and hard work that would heal him.

Then I woke up. I could still feel just a hint of that euphoria and knew that soon I would forget the feeling altogether- being here on earth for even a minute makes one forget.  But I immediately wondered why it was that I only felt that type of euphoria once before in this life, and only for a brief moment.  What was the connection between these two people who would never meet?

Well, at least now I know the answer to the age-old question of “where do broken hearts go?”  The truth is they don’t go anywhere.  They stay with you forever.  And it’s okay, because anyone who has ever experienced perfect love in their life knows that the broken heart is well worth it.

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