Welcome SITS Girls!

Bloggers are busy. Moms are busy. We know how crazy a mom bloggers life can be! That is because we are right there with you!

It’s hard to get dinner on the table when you have a practice to run to, a project to make, and a post with a deadline of yesterday! The SITS Girls have been really good to us so we would like to pay-it-forward to you (and of course we would love it if you loved us too).

The Organized Cook™ is an innovative method of cooking from Toni Spilsbury helping busy moms take “back” the family dinner while saving valuable time and money. We are happy to offer you a YEARS subscription to absolutely free -just because you are a part of the SITStahood! Simply fill out the form below and your next weekly meal plan will show up in about a week in your email. Then you can start saving time and money all year long.

Welcome SITS-ahs

Please note: If the form is having ‘issues’ and says it is closed, please just send your name and email addy to barb AT tonispilsbury DOT com to get your subscription! Thanks for understanding as we work through this little glitch!

We have a great affiliate program and are currently offering a 30% recurring commission to bloggers. We are, also, always looking to work with bloggers on campaigns. Feel free to let us know how you would like to work with us by filling out this form.