Weekend Morning Show ABC Channel 13 Las Vegas

It was still dark outside as we drove to the news station in Las Vegas this weekend.  My daughter snapped and tweeted a photo of me at a stoplight- sipping coffee with one hand and holding my notes and the steering wheel with the other.  Incriminating.  The Organized Cook on ABC Morning Show Las Vegas

The Organized Cook on ABC Morning Show Las Vegas

After we arrived at our local ABC station Channel 13 and set up, I was immediately at ease when I met the lovely Tina Patel, the weekend morning show producer and anchor for Action News Las Vegas.

The Organized Cook on ABC Morning Show Las Vegas

My segment flew by so quickly.  “What, it’s time to wrap up?  I thought we were just getting started!” is what I was thinking as she was thanking me for coming on the air.  The truth is, I love to talk about cooking, being a busy mom, and discovering ways to save time and money as an on-the-go mom.  So what I need to do now is learn how to condense that down into about 3 seconds and make sure I mention all the important stuff, like- let’s say- my website!  Minor oversight.The Organized Cook on ABC Weekend Morning Show



My lovely assistant and daughter, Rayana helped set up my props and dish up food samples for the crew.

The Organized Cook on ABC Morning Show Las Vegas

I did, however, remember to mention the upcoming launch party for The Organized Cook Cookbook to benefit Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation at Triple George Downtown on Friday September 9th from 6-9 p.m.  If you’re in the Las Vegas area, then here is your invitation to great food hosted by Triple George, “bundtinis” from Nothing Bundt Cakes and wine from Ironstone Vineyards:

The Organized Cook Launch Party Invitations

So, without further ado, here I am “dishing” about The Organized Cook.  Thank you Tina Patel and Las Vegas Action News.






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