Testimonials of The Organized Cook

The Organized Cook is no ordinary cookbook.  Here’s what people are saying about this innovative cooking method to save time and money while creating delicious healthy meals for your family.

“I am in heaven with these meals! They are so easy to adapt for my family, for example, Eric likes angel hair pasta and pork instead of beef. I also have lots of veggies in my freezer I have found ways to add to the dishes! and even freeze some leftovers for later! My favorite is week plan 3, and I just got 4 and I can’t wait!!!! I will not be changing a thing on it! It is so much fun to have someone “spell” out what to make, and I can feel like I am making great things without all the thought!”     -Jennie

“…the family LOVED the complimentary meal plan…. it was a hit and we had a more peaceful/structured dinner hour all week long!!!!”       -Carrie

“I love The Organized Cook Menu…simple and easy to follow..my family loves all the recipes and I am excited to cook all the wonderful new meals..     -Vanessa