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Losing The Blogging Weight with Mangodrin

You’ve probably heard of women trying to lose the “baby weight”, and may have fought the battle yourself to shed extra pounds that stick around way too long after the birth of your youngest child.

Not me.

Losing the baby weight was easier for me than losing the blogging weight.  After giving birth to three babies in two years, the only time I ever sat still was to nurse or rock them to sleep.  I was regimented in my nighttime routine of bathing and getting the babies off to sleep by 7:00PM  before collapsing into bed myself by 9.  So even if I woke up for feedings at midnight, I still had a good three hours of sleep under my eyes.

When my baby girl turned four I began blogging, and that’s when the weight came on. Routine bedtime became a thing of the past for me while I stayed up writing until 2 in the morning with potato chips beckoning me from the pantry.

My constant state of motion turned sedentary and food companies began sending me samples of the latest products to review for my blog.

Although I may not be considered “obese”, at 127 pounds I’m well over my target weight of 115.  Fortunately, the ladies of RECESS are giving me a jump start on my plan to get lean for bikini season with their #MangoChallenge 30-Day Challenge to “lose the blogging weight”.  At a recent Blogger Event at our local GNC Store, I discovered that I’m not the only blogger with this problem.

African Mango

RECESS Blogger Event for Mangodrin at GNC

I heard about the African Mango first on the Dr. Oz Show and thought about trying it out.  Mangrodrin is an all-natural patented formula made by a local nutraceutical company truDERMA and promises that I’ll lose “up to 28 pounds in 10 weeks”.

I’m in.

Follow me during the month as I work towards 115 pounds with Mangodrin’s #MangoChallenge.  I’m one of about twelve bloggers participating in the weight loss challenge, so if you want to check in on their progress or read about their individual struggles, head over to RECESS.

Join The #MangoChallenge

I love it when businesses want to share discounts and coupons with my readers.  During my #MangoChallenge I’m passing on a special discount for 30% off your entire order of Mangodrin.  This is a great opportunity if you would like to join me and share your results along the way.  This promotion is for online sales only by using THANKYOU in the coupon code section during checkout.

African Mango Mangodrin

use coupon code THANKYOU during checkout for 30% off your entire purchase


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Contain This!

The Container Store Opens In Las Vegas

You may be so lucky to have a Container Store in your area.  Our luck arrived this week with the opening of the first Container Store in Las Vegas.

the Container Store

The Container Store at Town Square, Las Vegas Opening

“What does the Container Store sell?”, is a question I’ve been asked many times recently while talking about this fabulous store (really).  And, in case you’re wondering the same thing, the answer is- containers.  And not just any containers, but all things organizational- from traveling supplies, to closet and garage storage systems, to gift wrap and my favorite- kitchenware.

With a sneak-peak blogger luncheon, here’s what’s in store for local Nevadans come opening day.


Rock Star Mom’s Stefanie VanAken and myself admire office organizing supplies in our favorite color.

the Container Store

Me and Stefanie VanAken from Vegas Bloggers


the Container Store

lunch bento boxes at The Container Store


Container Store

Hey, this sounds like my tagline!


the Container Store

Me and Noelle pose in front of more containers


One of the many things I like about the Container Store is how they don’t necessarily always indicate what the container is meant to hold.  They create aesthetic and fun organizational products then leave it up to the individual to decide how best to put it to use.  This metal cabinet may look like it belongs in a shop or office, but is demonstrated here holding napkins and plastic ware for picnics.

Just adorable.


Many of the ladies were excited about all the Lego containers.

lego storage

Lego storage


Loved the giftwrap section


It’s always a fun time with the ladies of Vegas Bloggers.

Vegas Bloggers

So just when I thought Las Vegas couldn’t get any more “organized”, May 12th marked the opening of the Container Store in the heart of beautiful Town Square.

Town Square, Las Vegas


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