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A Brave Photo Opportunity



brave movie




With the opening of Disney•Pixar’s BRAVE, in theatres nationwide on Friday, June 22, 2012, my girls were excited to use their gift cards on a recent trip to Target to purchase the Merida Bow and Arrow Set.

While working, I looked up and noticed Cassidy using our glass sliding doors as target practice, and with her purple sundress (completely serendipitous) thought this was a great photo opportunity.  By shooting with my Canon Macro lens (50mm), it brought the arrows into sharp focus, and with the glass door, appeared to be floating in air.





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Win A Picaboo Gift Card

Picaboo Gift Card Giveaway from The Organized Cook

We hope everyone’s holiday season is off to a great start.  To celebrate the season and  help with holiday shopping we’re excited to be giving away 3 $30 Picaboo gift cards.



Enter The Giveaway

We are so excited to share the giveaway with you just in time for the holidays.  Whether you’re creating cards, calendars or photo books, Picaboo is the perfect place to shop!  There are many ways to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Why Picaboo Is The Perfect Holiday Gift

Yes, a photo book can be a great holiday gift by sharing your favorite photos with friends and family.  Here are some other great holiday gift ideas using Picaboo.

Giving The Gift of Memories: Teenagers

I have a nineteen year-old daughter in college in addition to my twins- 7 and “baby”- 5.  She loves watching her younger siblings experience the magic of Christmas- with Santa, Rudolph and all the wonder she remembers from when she was that age.

The Christmas experience is different for older children than it is for younger.  So, in addition to her to sharing holiday traditions with her siblings by leaving cookies and milk out for Santa with them, I’m making a photo book this year for her with holiday memories of when she was younger.

I saved her letters to Santa along with photos from school plays and Christmas mornings.  That photo of her holding her favorite stuffed Rudolph with the biggest gleaming smile shouldn’t be kept away in a photo box.  With scanner fired up to scan in hand-written notes to Santa, I’m ready to create a gift for her that I hope will rekindle that Christmas magic in her heart.

Family Cookbook

My grandmother is 83 years old this year and has passed down so many great recipes to me and the family over the years.  I also have recipes from my great-grandmother, and in her original handwriting no less!  I thought this year would be the best time to take those recipes and add to them recipes from my aunts, cousins and sisters to create a family cookbook.

By combining various family photos of dinner gatherings and kitchen memories, this is the perfect gift to give my grandmother this year.

Family Birthday Calendar

Each year my mom creates a photo calendar listing each birthday in the family.  Photos of our family adorn each month as we’re reminded to celebrate those special days.



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Wordless Wednesday- Simple Fun

In this age of high-tech entertainment I’m constantly reminded that it’s the simple things that create the most joy for me.  While my daughter is begging for more time on PixieHollow.com, I realize that I “lived” in my roller skates at her age and played “war” with the boys down the street.  Is simple better?

simple, inexpensive creative fun

wordless wednesday

fun for just a few bucks

Simple Fun




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“Money Shot”

Because I’m still so new to the world of photography, I had never heard the term “money shot” before.

If I had heard this saying, I would have figured it’s meaning had something to do with making money.

It doesn’t- well, relatively speaking.

Noelle, my producer and business partner is a fabulous photographer and and she uses this term when we’re filming. It basically means that you got the shot- either still or video- that you wanted.

Noelle’s father, however, was able to break this term down even further.  He is probably the best photographer I’ve ever known and he recently told Noelle that “a good photographer can tell the story with one shot, while a mediocre photographer will need to use many”.

This week is my family vacation week in Carlsbad, California- the perfect family-friendly beach community.  We were fortunate this year to find a vacation rental home on the beach- a two-story just renovated modern beach house just steps from the ocean.

We’ve played on the beach, swam in the ocean, rode the waves, spent a day at Sea World, watched the sunsets, grilled steaks and walked the boardwalk to get ice cream.

So, how do you sum up a vacation like this in one shot?

I chose one that I thought told the story best.

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