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4th of July Fun in Picasa 1960’s

An intimate day with just my husband and kids to celebrate Fourth of July brings great family photo opportunities.  Just because there are no guests doesn’t mean our holiday should be any less celebratory- with karaoke (thank you Katy Perry for “Firework” and Miley Cyrus for “Party In the USA”), sparklers and roasted marshmallows, we’ll never forget this peaceful, festive day.

Picasa 3 1960’s Color Enhancing

I’m still learning the many different tools out there for photo editing and organizing, and today I came across this fun auto color filter in Picasa 3.

Picasa is a free download from Google at: picasa.google.com and I’m finding it to be a great tool to edit and organize my photos.  I’m able to export photos and do mass editing like scaling and watermark stamping for the entire album rather than individually formatting each photo, like in Gimp.

The only complaint I have is that I’m not able to format my watermark to use my logo image, and end up with the generic watermark (lower right-hand corner).  If there is a way to use my logo signature as my watermark in Picasa, I haven’t figured it out and that’s not due to lack of trying.


Another one of my favorite Picasa features is the collage tool.  Once you’ve chosen your photos from your download file, formatted and transferred them to your titled folder, it takes about 15 seconds to create a collage.

picasa photo tutorial

Picasa How To 1960's


How to format photos using Picasa 1960’s color enhancing:

  1. If you haven’t already downloaded Picasa, visit picasa.google.com and follow instructions for a free download.
  2. Picasa will automatically load and organize all of your existing photo files, along with any future photo uploads.
  3. Locate the photo or photos from your folders that you want to enhance and select image by double-clicking.
  4. In the left-hand tool bar for color photo enhancing, select the green paintbrush that says, “more fun and useful image processing”
  5. Select “1960’s”

Picasa Tutorial

Here is the before and after:

Picasa Color Enhance

Before and After Picasa 1960’s Color Enhancement


Take THAT Voldimort!


Smores- NOW it’s a party!

I’m sure I need more knowledge on how to shoot fireworks- very tricky.


Instagram for Mobile

Of course I still love my Instagram for mobile photo color enhancing:


Taken on iPhone and edited via mobile in Instagram

For more Fourth of July fun and Picasa photo collaging, check out:

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