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Toni’s Homemade Holiday Spice Sangria

The Holidays Enjoyed

Christmas Eve.  New Year’s Celebration.  Hostess Gifts.  Last-Minute Holiday Entertaining.  My recipe for Homemade Holiday Spice Sangria is perfect for all holiday occasions.

Homemade Holiday Sangria

Eat, Drink and Be Frugal

If you enjoy serving wine to guests for the holidays, the cost for bottled wine can certainly add up.  Having a batch of this holiday wine elixir on hand is not only more affordable, it makes a visually stunning holiday presentation and is absolutely delicious.

Homemade Holiday Sangria

Toni’s Homemade Holiday Spice Sangria Recipe

Toni’s DIY Holiday Spice Sangria

Toni’s DIY Holiday Spice Sangria


  • Basic Red Table Wine- I use a gallon of a basic red wine that I find in bulk at Costco. Trader Joe’s also has great deals for basic red table wine over the holidays.
  • Cranberry Juice- 1 bottle
  • Brandy- a little more than half a bottle (save some for your eggnog!)
  • Oranges- 3 or 4 large; sliced and halved (into half-moon shapes)
  • Pears- 3 or 4 large; sliced
  • Cinnamon Sticks- 4 or 5 whole
  • Cranberries, fresh- 12 oz.
  • Whole Cloves- put into a tea bag


  1. Combine ingredients in large mason or Sangria Jar
  2. Let this mixture “steep” for a 2-3 days in a cool place. If you live someplace cold, you can just leave it outside, unless it will freeze.




Homemade Holiday Sangria recipe


This year I found the perfect carafes from Rubbermaid to bottle my sangria in to give to friends, neighbors and family.  It made great hostess gifts this year for holiday parties I attended.

Homemade Holiday Sangria


Simply add a ribbon with a gift tag and you have a beautiful hostess gift for holiday parties.

homemade holiday sangria recipe from Toni Spilsbury The Organized Cook

homemade holiday sangria recipe from Toni Spilsbury The Organized Cook


For an added touch, place a copy of the sangria recipe on the back of the gift tag card.  To download a copy of the recipe for your gift tags: DOWNLOAD SANGRIA RECIPE

homemade holiday sangria recipe from Toni Spilsbury The Organized Cook



Serve and Enjoy!  Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year To You!



Toni Spilsbury, The Organized Cook




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Manic Monday Giveaway with Pyure Organic Stevia

The holiday baking season is upon us.  Recently I made homemade Organic Coconut Chocolate with Pyure Organic Stevia and it was amazingly delicious and delightfully healthy.

Homemade Coconut Chocolate recipe

Organic Coconut Chocolate with Pyure Organic Stevia Sweetener Recipe

My healthful homemade snack made me think about this year’s upcoming baking season with pumpkin pies, cake pops and gingerbread men dancing around in my head.  I thought about all of the recipes I could substitute sugar with Pyure Organic Stevia as a healthy alternative.

This week The Organized Cook is excited to be giving away a gift package of Pyure Organic Stevia to one lucky winner as part of our Manic Monday Giveaway to experience it was yourself.

Enter The Giveaway

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The Recipe

For a recipe and photo tutorial of our Organic Coconut Chocolate Recipe using Pyure Organic Stevia, visit:

organic stevia

Organic Coconut Chocolate Recipe with Pyure Organic Stevia Photo Tutorial

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Manic Monday Giveaway- Grill Gift Set

Fall Indoor Grilling

Summer may be over, but I still enjoy my favorite grill recipes during the Fall by bringing them inside and using my indoor grill.  To celebrate our indoor grill recipes this week, we’re giving away a gift mini pack of these amazing dry rub seasoning from Char Crust that can be used for broiling, baking or grilling.

Grilled Chicken Recipe

Lemon-Basil Grilled Chicken & Grilled Garlic Bread Recipe


Also included in the gift pack are these adorable Grill Charms from Charmed Life Products.  With these functional and aesthetic charms, you can mark your food prior to cooking to distinguish temperatures, flavors or food allergies.  For example, I like my steak medium-well, so one of these charms would mark mine.

Grill Gift Set Giveaway

Grill Gift Set Giveaway


The Giveaway

Entering the giveaway is simple here:
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Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

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Linwoods Health Food- Manic Monday Giveaway

We stumbled across these amazing products from Linwoods Health Food recently.  Linwoods makes it easy to power pack your recipes through super foods like Flax, Goji Berries, Pumpkin and Q10.

Linwoods Health Food

Toni Spilsbury is currently trying out these healthy ingredients as part of her recipes in The Organized Cook, so stay tuned for more ways to bring healthy into your kitchen using Linwoods.

Carrot Coriander Soup

Carrot Coriander Soup Recipe


The kinds folks at Linwoods are giving away some of their healthy foods as part of The Organized Cook’s Manic Monday Giveaway.  Our winner gets to choose two products from Linwoods Health Foods to try for yourself.  Simply tell us which product you think you would like to try to enter!


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