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What’s For Dinner This Week

Subscribers to The Organized Cook don’t have to worry about what to cook for dinner this coming week, we’ve done the planning for them!

So, what’s on the menu for your family this week?

Day 1: Chicken Under A Brick with Risotto & Hope’s Garlic Greens

Day 2: Herb Baked Salmon with Garlic Herbed Mashed Potatoes & Glazed Baby Carrots

Day 3: Spanish Paella

Day 4: Traditional Meatloaf with Cheesy Twice-Baked Potatoes & Buttered Green Beans

Day 5: Salmon Salad Croissants &Warm Spinach Salad

These recipes are simple and delicious. They’re also a perfect example of the time-saving cooking method created by The Organized Cook. The leftover chicken you have from our Chicken Under A Brick tonight will be one of the main ingredients for our Spanish Paella on Day 3…yummy!

What’s even better, is this menu only costs about $100 in groceries for the week.  If you’re not already a subscriber to The Organized Cook, check out our introductory offer.

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