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4th of July Fun in Retro Blue & Red

Fourth of July Celebration- Keeping It Simple

What turns the ordinary into extraordinary?  Surprisingly, it doesn’t require a lot of preparation and work to create an Instagram-moment 4th of July celebration out of a “chips and dips” one.  It takes just a few special touches.


Retro blue is my color this year, so I fell in love with this simple plastic tableware in retro red and blue from Target.  What a nice change from the traditional royal blue and red.

4th of July Table Decorations


Sure, you can make a rasberry-infused tea for a fabulous 4th of July beverage.  Or, you can pour Crystal Light in Pomegranate flavor over ice with a handful of fresh blueberries.

4th of July Punch

Crystal Light in Pomegranate flavor is quickly transformed into a festive beverage by adding blueberries.


love these plastic and silver tableware in retro blue and red from Target


Waiting for the fireworks to start is the perfect time to fire up the patio fire pit and roast some marshmallows for s’mores.

4th of July Smores

4th of July S’mores- now it’s a party!


Our new patio table from Sears offered the perfect setting for our festive 4th of July party scape.

4th of July Patio Table

Time to start the grill!

Our distinguished guests are ready to eat and have a good time.



4th of July Patio decorations

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!


For a simple and gourmet Fourth of July barbeque menu, check out our “Serving Up Simple” menu:

4th of July Barbeque menu gourmet

Serving Up Simple and Gourmet Barbeque Menu with Grocery Shopping List!

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