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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas Decorating

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Spilsbury house.  And, as usual, I have a method to keeping things organized  in order to make our season bright.

Christmas Decorating

The Family Christmas Tree

There’s nothing I enjoy more than homemade Christmas ornaments, and I have faithfully kept ours through the years as our collection has grown.  In fact, I still have homemade Christmas ornaments that my husband made when he was five-years old!

Santa Ornament

Mr. Spilsbury made this ornament when he was five-years old!

Keeping Christmas Memories

Each year our little-ones create new ornaments, either at school, home or church and we treasure them dearly.  In our family room I put up a smaller tree- about 4 feet- that I use as our “Family Christmas Tree” where we hang our homemade ornaments.  Each year as we string multi-color lights, the kids are so excited to bring out these special creations one by one, and reminisce of Christmas’ past.

Because this tree is in the same room where we spend most of our time, we can enjoy our homemade ornaments more.  Underneath this tree is where I keep Christmas books like Polar Express and The Night Before Christmas, which I only pull out during the holidays.  And remember all the little stuffed animals that sing Christmas carols that you don’t know where to put?  I keep those here as well and the kids love playing with them, along with a figurine set of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie.

Christmas books image

Christmas books are kept in storage throughout the year until December

handmade Christmas Ornament

This ornament was made with Connor's handprint- priceless!

This smaller tree is where I keep all of our wrapped Christmas presents for guests who will not be with us Christmas Day, so they don’t get mixed up with our presents under the big tree.

And, because we have so many guests during the holidays and I never know when we will have kids over, I wrap about 10-12 extra gifts of pads & pens, mittens, books and other small toys to have on-hand for kids to choose from.

a variety of simple generic gifts are wrapped with no name to have on hand for guests

The FooFoo Tree

By having our Family Christmas Tree in the family room, this allows me to decorate our big Christmas tree in our living room any way I want- I call it my “designer” tree… my oldest daughter calls it my “foo-foo tree”.

(more photos of the FooFoo Tree to come- so stay tuned)

Don’t Forget The Playhouse

The Spilsbury Playhouse is not forgotten in our Christmas decorating.  In fact, “Casa Spilsbury Kids” is home to our annual Candy Cane Hot Chocolate party for the kids!

Cany Cane Hot Chocolate Christmas Party 2010

fireplace made from Costco box tutorial coming!

Candy Cane Hot Cocoa- Christmas Memories In The Making!


I hope your Christmas holiday is off to a great start this year!


I hope your Christmas Holiday is off to a great start!

Sincerely, Toni


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