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A Day with Chef Kas

“Eat Your Life”

I first met Chef Kas at one of our Vegas Bloggers events and was instantly taken with his energy and philosophy… on cooking and life.  Adam Kaswinder- aka “Chef Kas” dishes up a healthy and simple philosophy in the kitchen that he calls “Eat Your Life”- where what you eat is a reflection of  who you are.  If this is the case, then his recipes can only be healthy, inspiring and fun.  We hit it off in the kitchen like he was a younger brother to me, so I just knew we had to work together on a project.


Young Rock Star Chef Meets Meal Planning Mom

Adam and I decided to film a recipe together and I quickly realized the difference in being the young rock star when we began planning our recipe together.  Being the “meal planning mom”, I wanted to organize and plan our recipe well in advance, while Chef Kas wanted to see what food felt inspiring to him that day.  Our conversation went something like this:

Me:  “I’m making out our grocery shopping list now; what are we making?”

Chef Kas:  “I’m feeling like something with mango and avocado… and perhaps some chicken”.

Me: “Okay, sounds good.  So, what are we making?”

Chef Kas:  “Awesomeness.”

Me:  “Sweet.” (sigh)

Even halfway during the filming of our show, I still didn’t know exactly what Adam and I were cooking.  Chef Kas creates.  He begins with ingredients he “feels” at the time, with the results always being something delicious, wholesome and uplifting.

I explained to Adam that busy moms don’t always have the time to cook a meal around what ingredients they are “feeling” at the time, and, with busy family schedules, need to plan in advance.  I’ve always said that in order to create recipes and meal plans for moms, you have to be a busy mom.  What I loved about Adam is his interest in listening and relating to the challenges we on-the-go moms face juggling hectic family schedules and demanding careers with our desire to provide healthy meals for our family.

What would it be like- I wondered- to marry the “awesomeness” of Chef Kas with the “organization” of meal planning for busy families?  Well wonder no more, we have our first Chef Kas Weekly Meal Plan that we’ve appropriately named “Eat Your Life”.

Cooking Up Some Awesomeness

What Chef Kas and I cooked up that day was a delicious saute of chicken, broccoli, bell peppers, green onions and almonds with a side of mango and avocado and polenta cakes.  “So what do we call it?”, I asked.  Chef Kas then decided to appropriately name it “awesomeness”, and I had to agree.




To check out and download this recipe for Awesomeness, visit here:

Awesomeness Recipe


Busy Moms Rejoice- Chef Kas Is In The (Organized) House

Chef Kas provides local custom cuisine consultation, cooking classes and meal preparation in the Las Vegas area.  But busy moms and families can rejoice, because Chef Kas is teaming up with The Organized Cook for some custom meal plans as part of The Organized Cook Weekly Meal Plan System.

In the meantime, to get your own taste of “awesomeness” from Chef Kas, visit his website at CustomCuisineLV.com:

Chef Kas and Toni Spilsbury

visit customcuisinelasvegas.com for more #EatYourLife

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