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Sorry, Julia. We Moms Don’t Have the Time.

Did you have a chance to see the movie Julie and Julia?  It is a great movie about a modern-day girl, Julie, cooking her way through Julia Child’s famous cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

I have cooked many recipes from this book and it’s an all-day event.  The dinners are fabulous, but this type of cooking is just not practical for us modern-day busy moms.  For many of us, gone are the Julia Child days when stay-at-home moms had all day to prepare a fabulous French dinner while sipping highballs, smoking a cigarette and watching Days of Our Lives in our pearls.  Today, our lives are busier than ever. What Julia Child did in the mid-1900s by bringing fabulous French cooking to the housewife, I aim to do by bringing clarity, simplicity and organization to the busy modern-day mom in The Organized Cook™.




Ratatouille.  I made this vegetable dish and loved it.  Unfortunately, incorporating this gourmet recipe into my weekly meal planning as a side dish wasn’t practical because it took up too much of my time.  So, I figured if there were a way to combine a ratatouille into a main dish with a steak or chicken- and add a few short-cuts- it may work.  What I got from my culinary  experiment was one of my family’s favorite dinners: Toni’s Ratatouille Pan-Simmered Steak.  I didn’t even use seasoning with this dish because after it has simmered for an hour with eggplant, zucchini, peppers and tomatoes, it has such a fresh flavor.

I’ll keep experimenting in the kitchen on new family dinner favorites while finding new ways on how to save my valuable time and money at the  grocery store.  Learn more about how The Organized Cook™ can help you.





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Slummy Mummy

Last week for Groundhog Day I wrote about using organization as a tool to “Living The Dream” as a busy mom and what my life would look like if I lived each day as I dreamed.  What I forgot to consider when I wrote this is what I would look like in that vision.

For a decade I was a busy corporate gal; and with a career that entailed public relations duties, I had to dress the part.  While the weekends were reserved for a more relaxed au naturale look, I still kept it chic.

After the twins were born followed by my surprise baby (I say this in part because she was a wonderful surprise and also because she was born on my birthday, New Year’s Day), I, like many moms, barely had enough time to wash my face let alone throw on some makeup.  Now that the kids are older and in school I have no excuse.   But without a day full of meetings and clients I didn’t understand my motivation for taking the time to style myself.  I had the “go-to” sweats, ponytail, sunglasses…and yes, sometimes a baseball cap- the mom uniform (ugh).  I only dressed myself on days with scheduled events.  After all, who did I need to get all primped for, anyhow?  The answer to that question came after too much time passed where I was brushing past other moms at school with a quick “hi” and ducking out of Starbucks as quickly as possible.  I realized I was actually avoiding human contact!

On the days when my schedule demanded that I actually take the time to get myself ready, I felt better.  I chatted with friends, made eye contact and smiled more.  I looked better so I felt better.  I realized that the only person I needed to dress for in the morning was myself.  Now I’ve organized my schedule to choose outfits for the next day with mornings arranged for a few more minutes for myself.  So, if anyone out there is feeling a bit sluggish today, for goodness sake- put on some lip gloss!

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