The last bag is finally unpacked from our whirlwind media tour that took us to Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, Portland and Sacramento.  Fortunately, each trip was broken up into one or two days at a time and spread out enough to where I could maintain some normalcy at home.

On my last trip which took us back to Salt Lake City and then on to our second trip to Denver, I was able to take my daughters with me which ended up being a lot of fun for all of us- mostly.

Yesterday I was under the impression that we made it through all the travel relatively unscathed. With so many rental cars, hotels, and baggage handlers tossing suitcases full of props in the air, I was surprised that we ended up with all of our luggage and only one broken dish.













That was until today when I unpacked the last suitcase.

I’ll try to hold back my tears while writing.  But it appears that my shoes- no, not just any shoes- but my Anthropologie Nadette Wedge Heels in Tiffany Blue (to match my book cover) did not make it.  They are lost.

They are lost somewhere in California, Utah, Phoenix or Colorado.  And I am sad.

Out of everything that could get left behind in some hotel or rental car, why- I as why- was it my most favorite pair of shoes?  I’m assuming it’s normal to be this sad over the very shoes that made me pause and look in the mirror when I put them on.  And, I will admit to at least one or two occasions where I would just gaze down south of my ankles and admire them.

I am sure that wherever they are- probably in some lonely lost & found bin- they’re missing me as much as I’m missing them.

I’ve included some of our travel photos to cheer me up and remember the good times we (my shoes and I) had together, and that our travels were all well worth it.



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