the ladybug was moving too fast for me to focus the camera!

It’s Ladybug Season

wow, this would have been a great shot if I got the whole bug in it

Yes, Spring is here, and so are the ladybugs.


For my bug-loving five-year old daughter, this is her most favorite time of year.  Let the ladybug round-up begin as my Brooke catches and keeps- as pets- hundreds of ladybugs like last year…. and the year before.

Brooke finds a passion for catching bugs at the age of three


She has every type of ladybug habitat out there, not to mention the ones she makes on her own.  Hey, where’s my tea steeper?  I actually found my tea steeper hanging on a branch in our yard with bits of grass in it.  Clever girl.


Brooke's First Ladybug of the Season

the ladybug was moving too fast for me to focus the camera!

Brooke's ladybug

No worries, after a few days I release the poor creatures back into the wild while she’s sleeping and explain to her the next morning that they had to go home to mom and dad for dinner.  So please, no letters from PETA, thank you.


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