Helping Hands

My love for cooking has rubbed off on my girls (ages 4 and 6); they are my sous chefs.  The only thing is that the more they help me, the more independent they want to be in the kitchen.

I’ve always included them in cooking and baking since they were about two years old.  It’s easy to find things for them to do: stirring, pouring, spreading, etc.  Before they were out of diapers they both knew how to crack an egg.  So, I’m always looking for new ways for them to help.  And, when it used to be more of a drain on my time to include them, it’s now turned into a time saver for me.

Now, when I make Italian, Cassidy insists on making her “famous salad”.  If any of you are worried about how I could possibly let my six-year old slice a tomato or chop a carrot safely, in order to meet her demands to do this task independently, I found “kid friendly” knives from Gerber that actually work for her…. a bit messy, but they work. 

Share in the experience of family meal preparation by letting children help.  Small hands are perfect for tearing lettuce for salads, rolling meatballs and setting the table with napkins and flatware.  Older children can help by peeling vegetables, mixing marinades and assembling garlic breads or pizzas.  Not only is this a good way to spend time with your kids, it’s also a great learning experience for children.

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