The Grocery Store Drive-By Trap

The Grocery Store Drive-By Trap

Does it feel like you make last-minute trips to the grocery store for last minute dinner solutions because you didn’t plan ahead? Do you go to the grocery store several times a week or even daily? Did you know that daily trips to the grocery store increase our exposure to impulse buying by 60%! I was amazed at how many moms I’ve spoken with do their grocery shopping almost daily due to lack of planning.

Grocery Store Driveby Trap from The Organized Cook

Don’t fall into the grocery store drive by trap. There’s a better, simpler way.

Let The Organized Cook do the planning for you and grocery shop only once a week.  By using this system, you can feed a family of four to five dinner for less than $100 per week.  That’s less than you’ll spend on one dinner night out.  Now, add the savings you’ll see by reducing your exposure to impulse buying from shopping daily.  Not to mention the time you will save.

Sign up for The Organized Cook Weekly Meal Plan Subscription and save time, money and the family dinner.

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