Give Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey A New Flavor: Green Chile Cilantro Penne

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Do you have leftover Thanksgiving Turkey and want to give it a new flavor?  Give it a Southwest flair with this super-simple recipe.

Green Chile Cilantro Penne


  1. Leftover Thanksgiving turkey
  2. Penne pasta- 1 pound
  3. Canned whole green chiles- 4 7oz. cans (or 1 bulk can), not drained
  4. Queso Fresco cheese- 1 round
  5. Cilantro- 1 bundle, leaves pulled from stems with one “twist-and-pull”


  1. Boil pasta in salted water until tender
  2. In blender, combine green chiles (not drained), most of the cheese leaving out about a fourth to crumble on top, and cilantro
  3. Blend on medium until it becomes a sauce; do not over-blend; be careful not to puree it
  4. Drain water from pasta and return pasta to warm pan over medium-high heat
  5. Add sauce to pasta; toss
  6. Serve topped with turkey and crumbled cheese
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