Candy Apple Pork Chops

Candy Apple Pork Chops

Candy Apple Pork Chops

Why not?  This simple and delicious recipe is on the menu tonight from our Spooktacular Weekly Meal Plan.

If you have any Skittles leftover from your Halloween candy this is the perfect dinner for you.

After browning some pork chops, I deglaze the same skillet with some apple cider (or optional white wine, then add the cider) combined with some condensed chicken stock.  I figured this recipe would fit its name much better if I could find a way to make it red without using food coloring like you would if making candied apples.

How about red Skittles, I thought; and in they went.  The sauce turned out delicious.  And after adding the chops back into the sauce to simmer for a few minutes, I caramelized some apples in.  Extra sauce can be put into a gravy boat or bowl to spoon over the top of the pork chops before serving.  Watch our video for this simple recipe.

Turning leftover Halloween candy into dinner?  That brings new meaning to “Reincarnating The Leftover”!

Candy Apple Pork Chops




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