“April Is The Cruelest Month”

Is April the cruelest month?

Well, after reading the somber poem, it appears that author, T.S. Eliot, and I have this is common- April IS the cruelest month!

Any mom of four is busy.  However, April brings new meaning to the word “busy” for me.  With three of my four children’s birthdays falling in April- simply take one Disneyland Bon voyage party for my teenager, a “fairy garden” birthday party and one Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party…. add that with our annual “Beepin Egg Hunt” for Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation, plus the usual Spring Break and Easter- that totals up to overwhelming.  And, when you then add in one week of a spring flu bug for my son, it quickly had me wanting to scream “JELLYBEANS!”.

Jellybeans by Toni Spilsbury, The Organized Cook

"Jellybeans!" by Toni Spilsbury

To make April all the more “cruel” this year, my deadline with my book publisher to re-shoot the entire book food photos was this past week.

So cruel.

You see, in order to re-photograph each recipe in the book, I must first cook each recipe in the book.  So, it’s been an “up-at-dawn”, “cooking”, “shooting”, “sending out birthday invitations”, “ordering cakes” and “tending to sick son” few weeks.

Chicken Pot Pie from The Organized Cook

Chicken Pot Pie from The Organized Cook

If it sounds like I’m complaining, I’m really not.  I know I’ll look back at this “cruel” month with fondness- no matter how much I feel like “pulling my hair out” today.

The upside?  The food photos came out wonderful, with the help of friends and mentors.  Plus, I had lots of family dinners to send home with friends and family- I was a hero for a few nights.

Baked Ziti from The Organized Cook

Baked Ziti from The Organized Cook

The downside?  Unread emails, snailmail, posts, comments…the list goes on.  And so will I.

Happy April, everyone!

Peep In My Cup

Peep In My Cup




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