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“Money Shot”

Because I’m still so new to the world of photography, I had never heard the term “money shot” before.

If I had heard this saying, I would have figured it’s meaning had something to do with making money.

It doesn’t- well, relatively speaking.

Noelle, my producer and business partner is a fabulous photographer and and she uses this term when we’re filming. It basically means that you got the shot- either still or video- that you wanted.

Noelle’s father, however, was able to break this term down even further.  He is probably the best photographer I’ve ever known and he recently told Noelle that “a good photographer can tell the story with one shot, while a mediocre photographer will need to use many”.

This week is my family vacation week in Carlsbad, California- the perfect family-friendly beach community.  We were fortunate this year to find a vacation rental home on the beach- a two-story just renovated modern beach house just steps from the ocean.

We’ve played on the beach, swam in the ocean, rode the waves, spent a day at Sea World, watched the sunsets, grilled steaks and walked the boardwalk to get ice cream.

So, how do you sum up a vacation like this in one shot?

I chose one that I thought told the story best.

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Organized Cook BlogHer ’11 Video

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The Organized Cook On Pinterest

The Organized Cook on Pinterest

“Pinning”.  It’s the verb used to describe what one does on Pinterest.

I’m not big on playing games online and you’ll never catch me downloading or playing any mean-bird games on my iPhone.

I’m so busy that I typically use online technology more purposefully rather than for fun.

But I have to say I’m now hooked on Pinterest, and now have to set time limits for my “pinning” hobby!  Here’s my latest Pinterest Board for The Organized Cook.

Click any images below to be directed to this Pinterest Board:

The Organized Cook on Pinterest

The Organized Cook on Pinterest 2

The Organized Cook on Pinterest 3

The Organized Cook on Pinterest 4




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Reincarnated. Not Leftover.

Does this dinner look leftover to you?

That’s because it’s been reincarnated.

Meal Planning from The Organized Cook

Philly Cheesesteak Sub from The Organized Cook

I blog a lot about menu planning as a way to make family dinners affordable, timely and delicious.  And menu planning is just one step in The Organized Cook.

What I’ve done in The Organized Cook is taken the idea of meal planning a few steps further by organizing the menu into my special algorithm that saves both time and money while reducing waste.  There’s also a few other techniques I’ve incorporated.

Reincarnating The Leftover

My Italy-Meets-London Broil was fabulous.  But, when I slap the label “leftover” on it, the taste appeal is lost.London Broil from The Organized Cook Weekly Meal Plan System

When that same London Broil is reincarnated into Philly Cheesesteak, I have a simple and delicious dinner without the waste.


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