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Narnia Springtime Birthday Party

When you have boy/girl twins it’s not always easy coming up with a birthday party theme to fit them both. With Narnia’s Lion, Witch & Wardrobe being our favorite family movie this year, I decided to take a jab at creating the perfect Narnia celebration for them. It all starts with the invitation….. Narnia Party

The Invitation- Narnia Birthday Party

“Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve, Your Presence is Requested at the 10th Birthday Celebration of King Connor and Queen Cassidy”.  A simple Canva design layout which I transferred to Microsoft Publisher helped me design this beautiful invitation. Narnia Birthday Party

The Decorations- Narnia Birthday Party

The wardrobe in The Lion, Witch & Wardrobe is an essential part of the story, so I decided to turn my foyer into the wardrobe using a white bed sheet and some brown acrylic craft paint. I penciled the outline first, then painted it in before cutting a slit up the middle for guests to walk through. Yes, that’s a rolling coat rack just beyond that sheet with fur coats hanging on it… faux of course! No letters from PETA please. Narnia Party Ideas   And as if painting one white bed sheet wasn’t enough, I decided to paint a Narnia scene on a second sheet and hang it at the end of my entry hall. Once guests passed through that sheet, it was on to the party. I also had to break out some Christmas decorations from storage. Narnia Party Decor     White cotton balls strung on fishing line and hung from the ceiling to create snowfall. I opted for the cotton after carefully weighing my options for creating snow, from falling paper confetti to a snow machine- no thanks. Narnia Lion Witch Wardrobe party Thank goodness for Grams! My grandmother has been my slave laborer since the twins were born in helping me create the details for these parties. This year, she made these Narnia flags to hang outside. For Narnia! Love you Grams! Narnia Party decorations

The Activities- Narnia Birthday Party

Petting Zoo

A petting zoo was the perfect main attraction for our Narnia themed party. Although Petting Zoo To U didn’t have any fauns, lions or talking gophers, the guests loved the goats, bunnies and ducks. Narnia birthday party IMG_5344-001 IMG_5343-001 IMG_5323 IMG_5313-001 IMG_5308-001 IMG_5302-001 IMG_5334-001

Being Knighted

Each party guest received a red cloak and shield of armor before being knighted a King and Queen of Narnia. Of course, once the swords come out, it’s game-on. Narnia Party Narnia Party   I found these “make your own shield” activity kits complete with stickers at Birthday In a Box for only $2.99 for a pack of 4. I purchased 6 packs and paid less than $20…what a steal. Narnia Party   Guests marched off to practice for battle…. right after a quick snack. IMG_5369-001 IMG_5376-001 IMG_5383-001

The Games- Narnia Birthday Party

Who’s up for a little Scooter Jousting? Anyone? Narnians hopped on their scooters and rode off to battle before slaying the White Witch (otherwise known as the pinata hanging from the basketball hoop). Narnia party IMG_5390-001 IMG_5393-001 IMG_5403-001   And if Scooter Jousting isn’t your thing…. there’s always an archery contest to prove your skills in battle. Narnia Party This is Brooke emceeing the archery contest and I wish I would have video recorded it because I’ve always warned my husband that we need to prepare ourselves for her career on Saturday Night Live. Onlookers do not look thrilled with her.

Narnia Party


Once a King and Queen of Narnia….

After opening gifts it was time to say goodbye to Narnia and head back through the wardrobe. Narnia Birthday Party Parting gifts consisted of trinkets and candy along with a note to remind them of our birthday adventures. Narnia Birthday Party


Ten years has gone by too fast. Tear.

Ten years has gone by too fast. Tear.

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