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What’s For Dinner This Week- Simply Delicious Family Dinners

Meal Planning For Busy Families

This is the perfect menu for Spring or Summer with ingredients like lemons, zucchini, squash and carrots.  If you’re a subscriber to The Organized Cook Weekly Meal Plan System, here’s what’s for dinner this week.


Simple Family Dinner Recipe

Day 1: Lemon Pepper Pork Chops with Basic Rice Pilaf &Spring Vegetable Sauté


Swedish Meatballs Recipe

Day 2: Swedish Meatballs over Spinach Pasta with Buttery Garlic Rolls


Meal Planning recipes

Day 3: Pork Fried Rice with Thai Shrimp Pizza and Crispy Asian Cucumber Salad


Meatball subs recipe

Day 4: Hot Meatball Subs with Green Onion Garlic Chips


penne pasta recipe

Day 5: Shrimp Penne with Garlicky Garlic Bread



Get our Weekly Meal Plan here from The Organized Cook:

Meal Plan Simply Delicious

The Organized Cook Weekly Meal Plan





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